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Hi and welcome to my art blog!
I'm Saya~
I absolutely love drawing and I hope to become a professional artist one day.
I am a crazy Homestuck and Inazuma Eleven/Go fangirl!

Feel free to talk to me or request art through my ask box!
You can also contact me on my Twitter
I hate art blocks.
I’d say 2013 was quite eventful for me. I’m happy and sad at the same time that this year is already over. 
So to summarize my art for 2013, hmm.. Jan… My monitor had died so I had pulled out the old sketchbook and did lots of silhouette type drawings. Feb was lots of homestuck, made a spade texture for myself, Jade went grimbark TnT. March was all about Skaianet Radio, working hard to get people to go check it out. April I moved back to America after 10 long years and I had prepared a piece beforehand for 4/13 with all my heart and emotion. May and June were really successful and inspirational months I drew a lot of great things but best of all I got the opportunity to draw for lofam3. July I made my morails gift a bit early because I was quite busy those days. August was good, made lots of art, made that Illya within hours for my brother’s birthday. Sept I didn’t get to draw much at all because school had started and it took me a while to adjust to this new schooling system oh and Jade died OnO. October I didn’t draw anything with my tablet but in school we did self portraits so yeah… November I began to adjust some time for myself and drew a Mirai :3 Also did a lot of redraws. December… now December was pretty cool, my aunt’s wedding preps and happy homestuck drawings, lots of emotions too. Now I can say in confidence that i have improved! 
The year of 2013 is over and so I wish you all a 2014 full of happiness and success!!! Thank you guys for supporting me all the way ;u;

Thank you so much yun~ O//v//O

First drawing of the new year and no better way to start it than some Inazuma

Happy New Year Everybody!!!!!!

6 month doodle dump 2.
I can’t believe 2013 is already over…
on 12/16/10 John Rose up ;u; This flash probably is the thing that super-glued me to this webcomic and fandom.
So, favourite flash, favourite character